What are the best performing stocks in the US market during 2023?

What are the best performing stocks in the US market during 2023? “Nvidia” stock performed amazingly this year, rising by more than 200%, but it was not the best performer in the American market, nor even any of the stocks related to artificial intelligence, which gained widespread popularity during 2023.

The group of seven major technology stocks achieved very strong returns this year, with “Apple” shares rising by approximately 50%, “Microsoft” by about 56%, and “Alphabet” by 60%.

The value of “Amazon” stock also rose by more than 80%, and Tesla stock rose by more than 100% during the same period, while “Meta” stock rose by nearly 200%. However, none of these stocks were among the 10 best performers this year.

Among US companies with a market value of at least $1 billion as of December 26, the best performing stock was Solino Therapeutics, followed by Carvana, according to Dow Jones Market data.

Solino's gains came after the biopharmaceutical company in the fall announced positive results for its extended-release choline diazoxide drug, designed to treat Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disease that can lead to intellectual disability, obesity and other symptoms.

Technology and biopharma companies - known for their volatility - as well as crypto-related entities were among the significantly better performing stocks in what was described as “the strangest bull market in decades,” as stocks continued to rise despite tightening monetary policy.

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