The frequency of the national channel geographic abu dhabi on all satellites for the year 2023

To watch the national geographical channel Abu Dahbi in Arabic on Nilesat or on Arabsat in all Arabic pays and in North Africa it is to turn your satellite parable to West Nilesat 7 ° W or to Badr 26 ° E and Frequencies given and even in all free and freedom the channel of national geographic documentary.

Frequency for national geographic abu dhabi on all satellites for the year 2023 :

Al Yah 1 52.5 ° E 11938 H 27500 3/4

Al Yah 1 52.5 ° E 12054 H 27500 3/4

Badr 6 26.0 ° E 11804 H 27500 3/4

Nilesat 201 7.0 ° W 12226 H 27500 5/6

Eutelsat 7 West A 7.3 ° W 12467 H 27500 2/3 

To obtain the frequency of the aforementioned channels, all you have to do is visit the following link;

Other configuration and repair techniques :

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