The news frequency for Oman TV Culture HD in Nilesat 7.0°

Omani television culture reflects the traditions, values, and diversity of the Sultanate of Oman. Here are some key aspects:

1. Islamic Influence: Oman is an Islamic country, and its television content is influenced by Islamic culture. 

2. News and Information: Omani television provides news and information relevant to the country and the region. It covers domestic and international news, as well as cultural and social events.

3. Omani Dramas and Series: Local dramas and series often depict Omani culture, traditions, and family life. These shows are popular among Omani viewers.

4. Educational Programs: Omani TV also airs educational programs, including those related to science, history, and language, to promote learning and awareness.

5. Cultural Festivals: Omani television covers cultural festivals and events, such as the Muscat Festival, showcasing the country's rich heritage.

6. Language: Arabic is the primary language of Omani TV broadcasts.

The frequency of the channel Oman TV Culture HD in Nilesat 7.0°  is 12130 V, System is DVB-S2/8PSK, and FEC is 3/4. 

You can follow up from the new of Oman  through the satellite NileSat West (Nilesat 201) , through the following frequency:

♦️ Frequency : 12130

♦️ Polarisation : V

♦️ Symbol rate: 27 500 3/4

Other Channels :

Oman TV Sport SD

Oman TV Live SD

Oman TV Culture SD

Other configuration and repair techniques :

Some of the most important frequencies of Arab and international satellite channels on the satellite NileSat:

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