The steps to follow to open a student bank account in the Netherlands (in Dutch: Nederland)

Before we start citing the steps to open a bank account with any of the banks for students in the netherlands, we will start with the introduction of the country as follows;

Capital: Amsterdam

Official EU language: Dutch

EU member state: since January 1, 1958

Currency: euro; member of the euro zone since January 1, 1999

Schengen area: member of the Schengen area since March 26, 1995

Holland or the Netherlands has some of the most important banks in the world which operate mainly at the international level. You will have no difficulty making withdrawals on the spot in the bank in France for example.

besides, despite the difficulties, a local bank account is necessary for students studying in this European country and also for the student citizen of the same country.

each product of the bank has a special name, for example the private account is called a "privérekening" and then the standard debit card is called "bankpas".

Also, please note that the account fee for a student is almost nil and the account opens very quickly.

where and how to open a bank account in netherlands?

The main banks in the Netherlands are:

♻️ SNS (


♻️ ING Bank (

♻️ Rabobank (

for more information on its banks, just check the official websites of the banks above and choose the bank that suits you according to your needs.

For the required documents, we find:

❖ The French passport or the identity card for the French people.

❖ BurgerServiceNummer (BSN) after registering at the tax office

❖ Proof of your address on site

❖ A minimum amount deposited (1 euro to 10 euros minimum)

There you go, so once all the documents have been gathered, all you have to do is make an appointment with the nearest bank branch and open your account.

the vast majority of advisors will speak English and French fluently, so everything is fine to carry out this operation...

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