The new phone for Xiaomi 12 and great specifications

The confirmed specifications of the Xiaomi 12 Xiaomi 12 monster that XIAOMI  will reveal in the field of global smartphones that have become the best -selling in the world due to its advantages and price that are accessible to all.

The new Xiaomi 12 smartphone will be distinguished by the next great features:

✔️ The phone will be with a SD898 processor

✔️ Storage space for one Terra or a thousand GB: 1000 GB

✔️ The phone Ram is 16G RAM 16 RAM

✔️ And a main camera with 200mp accurately

✔️ Camera supports Zoom to 120X

✔️ 50MP phone camera

✔️ 5000ma battery

✔️ And a 120W fast charger will enable the phone to be charged in a short function.

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Other configuration and repair techniques :

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