New TF1 HD frequency on Astra 1 Globecast for free 2023

In this recent article, we will present the new frequency of the news channel in French on Astra 1 for free, as a result.

Exclusive on new frequencies on our website, we are still looking for recent frequencies to help you capture channels easily and free.

This is the recent frequency of the most famous French channel which broadcasts series of romantic and action films and all the programs ... All the time for free, on this Astra 1 Globecast satellite, you must enter the following information to capture it ::

TF1 HD channel frequency :

Frequency: 11377

Coding rate: 22000

Polarization: vertical

Error correction factor: 2/3

Quality: HD
New TF1 HD frequency on Astra 1 Globecast for free 2023
New TF1 HD frequency on Astra1  2023

Other configuration and repair techniques :

We will display the frequency of channels on different satellites so that the subscribers of our website can find the new frequencies of the channels and watch the channels worldwide.

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